Reasons for learning Japanese

The trip to Japan. As you know, the majority of the Japanese does not speak in English, or speaks with an accent that it is difficult to understand. Therefore, without the knowledge of even the basics of Japanese the independent travel within Japan can be difficult. Knowledge of the Japanese language greatly simplifies life in Japan and makes it more interesting.

Communication with the Japanese. The Japanese language is included in 10 of the world’s languages by number of native speakers, more than 130 million people in the world speak Japanese! After studying the Japanese language, you can better understand the Japanese mentality and lifestyle of the Japan. Also, it will give you the opportunity to communicate with the Japanese and make new friends.

Unique language. The Japanese language is unique in its kind – grammar, writing, pronunciation – all different from English. Therefore, the learning of Japanese language will help you become more confident in it abilities. Also, learning Japanese will make you unique.

Japanese promotes self-development. Learning the Japanese language will help you to develop the brain. Japanese do not like the other languages, making the study of language the whole adventure, it helps to develop memory and it’s good for brain activity.

Beauty of Japanese. The Japanese language is very beautiful and melodic. If you ever heard a Japanese speech or song in Japanese, then you will understand what I mean.

Japanese culture. The learning of the Japanese language helps you plunge deeper into Japanese culture. Lots of people are interested in Japan because of its rich culture, not only ancient but also modern. Such concepts as ikebana, origami, bonsai, Japanese Sumi-e painting, as well as martial arts: aikido, kendo, karate, judo are well-known worldwide. Many are attracted to modern Japanese pop culture: anime, manga, games, colorful Japanese fashion, Japanese actors and singers. Everyone will find something that they like!

The ability to get a good education. Japan is a country of advanced technology, the Japanese education is highly rated in the world.

Ease of Japanese pronunciation. The Japanese pronunciation is very simple and does not cause any difficulties. You can start talking right now!

About the author: Nick Fagot is a freelancer and he likes articles writing. He is interested in hokey, music writing and Japanese culture.