Studying in a school: why do we need it?

Some people study to get good grades, the others in order not to disappoint their parents, and others in order to learn something new. Maybe there are also other reasons for studying in school. Here are some advantages of schooling:

  1. You’re becoming more independent person every day;
  2. You learn to polemicize or argue with adults, thus proving your point of view;
  3. You get the first lessons in life, test your strength and define weaknesses;
  4. You try your hand at various sciences, in art, in other areas and eventually make your choice in favor of those activities that would be most important in your profession;
  5. You get the opportunity to communicate with friends;
  6. You get a lot of new information and develop the ability to choose the right one for you;
  7. You get paper on a full or part-time high education after finishing a school and you can continue your education in college or university;
  8. You become a person who knows how to cope with difficulties.

You need to study!

Each person needs knowledge in everyday life. He or she must be able to read, write and count. Modern man is surrounded by a lot of technologies, not only in production but also in everyday life. We need knowledge to sort out all the variety of the world. It is hard to study but it is necessary, and it is interesting as well.

We get knowledge from different fields of life in school: nature, natural sciences, history, and culture. We can find the answers to many questions. How many puzzles and mysteries a nature keeps! Learning is everyday work, which will a bear fruit in the future. Someone will cure people, some people will build cities and others will fly into space. Each will do what he or she loves, but to achieve this, you need knowledge. This knowledge a person receives at school and then in college or university. A majority of people is learning for entire life!

If you’re used to work since childhood, the world will reveal to you all its beauty and diversity in the future. You will experience many wonderful and surprising things.

About the author: Paul Tint is a lover of exciting experience and exotic cuisine. He is interested in languages, football and design. Paul likes to spend evenings enjoying cup of tea and reading good books.