Technical University of Vienna

Technical University of Vienna was founded in 1815. Called the “Royal Polytechnic Institute”, the university has come a long way, changing the statuses and names. And in 1975 it received its present name – Technische Universitat Wien (TU Wien).

Today, more than 17,000 students are studying here and about 20 percent are foreigners among them.

Directions of Higher Education

  1. Architecture and civil engineering
  2. Biomedical engineering
  3. Electronics and electrical engineering
  4. Computer science
  5. Urban and regional planning
  6. Automatic and mechanical engineering
  7. Mathematics
  8. Geodesy
  9. Engineering physics
  10. mathematics
  11. chemistry

The main credo of higher educational institution is “technology is for people”. Following it, the university has an extensive technical base for the successful development of students and professors. Working on his thesis, it is incredibly easy and fun to carry out scientific experiments and to create authoring software. The base is represented by specialized laboratories, center for electron microscopy and even room with low temperatures. The pride of the University is a multi-level library, where you can find historical records of those scientists who stood at the origins of the alma mater.

Most of the programs are presented at the University in German language, but there are a few English-speaking destinations. Despite this, you need to enter the university, not only with the knowledge of English, but also German (level B2). After the transition to the Bologna system, the university offers to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree.

The University keeps up with the times, so there are a lot of remote programs (teaching over the Internet), and established cooperation with hundreds of European universities to participate in international exchange programs.

Accommodation while studying in Austria

It is worth to highlight the campus, which is located on the Karlsplatz in the picturesque quarter saturated with attractions. There is an amazing Rasselpark close to campus where students like to relax on the grass, to re-read lectures and just talk.

It is important to know in order to enter the university

Deadline for submission of documents:

  • until the 15th of July for the winter semester (starting date is October)
  • until the 15th of January for the summer semester (starting date is April)

Tuition fee is from € 744,72 per semester.

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