The Education System in the USA

Nelson Mandela once said, ”Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. I am dead sure there is nobody who can disagree with it. Our world is changing not in minutes, but in seconds. So, our society understand now how it is important to be well educated and know how to deal with all difficulties and troubles wisely.

Any educational establishment consider to be called as our second home. That is really true. What about the education system in the United States? No wonder, this country is rich on a number of best universities, schools etc.

Children usually start their studying in school in the age of five or six years old and finish it in their teens, 16-18 years. In the age of five till eleven, children are in their elementary school. Than they start their educational process a middle or junior high school. And in the age of 14 children become students of a high or senior high school.

Different levels of schools, different classes and activities. For example, at elementary school children learn how to count, read, write. They learn everything from the scratch. This time is very important in pupil`s life, because they adapt to work in a class, with a community, classmates. Teachers also play an important role here. They should create a good atmosphere in a class not to offend anyone. Teachers should make all pupils think that they can do a lot, should make them believe in their abilities, skills. They should teach them to be not lazy and work hard for a good result.

Speaking about junior and senior high schools, the variety of subjects is good enough for students to become really well educated people. Among them history, maths, biology, chemistry, English, physics, physical education. You can choose subjects you need and work on them hard to become a true specialist in this or that sphere. These schools also offer a number of optional courses for you to choose. You can attend music, art, computers, foreign languages classes according to your desire and aims and, certainly, to the list of these courses in this or that school.

There is no doubt, that sport is an essential part of our lives. That’s why all schools in America pay a lot of attention to it. Physical education is very important subject there. Doing sports is a hobby for a lot of pupils. They participate in different sport games, competitions. It is a big advantage for them. Maybe you have heard the proverb, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. That’s really true.

Remember about the grading system in schools in the United States.

A is an excellent result, B is very good, C means that you have to work harder, D your work was close to fail. The worst grades which mean that you have failed the test are E and F.

All schools in the USA are free, so all students can study there without no money. Certainly, there is a number of private schools, where your study have to be paid.

What about school uniforms? It is not common for students in the USA to wear it. Although, some schools have some rules about how to wear to the educational establishment. To cut a long story short, they have their school dress codes.

About the author: Mary Ollins, a freelance writer from the USA, California. Mary is interested in learning about education in all corners of the world. She travels a lot, learns a lot and add something really interesting in her writing collection. As a hobby, Mary likes taking photos.