Tips on a Good Personal Essay

Do you have a task to write a personal essay for your college but can not deal with it? Is it makes you feel sad and depressed? Do not worry too much! We are here to help you. Keep calm and read this article. You can be dead sure that it will surely help you to overcome all difficulties with writing and to create a winning personal paper. Be attentive!

We know that it is always a trouble for students to write this kind of an essay. Usually they do not just understand what it is. Short stories and personal essays confuse them. To write the best personal paper ever you should remember that it is story about you, while short story can be about other person and even people. To distinguish a person essay from other kinds of writings in a proper way you can look for some examples on the Internet. Trust me, those samples will help you in some cases.

If you write your personal essay, you should know its main features. Remember that it is story about you, your personality and your life. It should also include some memories, series of anecdotes. There should also be one main idea for all paragraphs in your personal essay. Do not forget about free writing style. You should use a descriptive style.It is a feature that makes this kind of essay different from others.

While writing your personal essay for college, do not be afraid to show your personality. The most important thing here is centralize your personality. Your paper should include your own ideas, thoughts, aims, attitudes, experiences, desires, feelings and so on. You should be a cunning and selfish sometimes to show yourself as the best and not to be like anybody else. Certainly, it is only while writing your personal essay, you understand 🙂

When you are writing a personal essay you should plan and organize your work carefully. Maybe you think that it is easy to write about yourself, but it is actually not. We recommend you to make some notes, remarks not to omit some important event in your life, your first serious experience somewhere and something like that. Remember, that everything can be used on your benefit.  Also, creating an outlook is always in favour of your good writing process. It is good for you to use some famous proverbs, quotes, wise words from different famous writers, philosophers. It will show your wide outlook and impression about you as a person who is interested in the world around. But use them carefully and wittily. You can also use some anecdotes from your life. Be very attentive to choose the right one to impress but not to disappoint your readers. Write something about your personal experience, show people that you are now ready to overcome with all troubles and ready to work hard on a result. Use your knowledge, but do not be boring. One more tip that is useful for you while writing a personal essay is to be original. If you want to show your true personality and impress people, be yourself and be honest. It will attract people in any case.

Also, you should add some memories, some special moments in your life to a personal essay. You can use some metaphors and other tools to make your work unique. Imagine that you are a famous producer and your task is to make the best film ever to impress everyone and get Oskar. It is almost the same, but you are a writer and the main plot line is your life!

Be smart and witty. You can do that!

About the author: Elis Prinston, a 3 year student of Harvard University in the United States. Elis is interested in journalistic sphere. She starts as an editor of a local magazine and of university newspaper. Elis writes a lot about education system, about all problems and winnings. She dreams of visiting a lot of countries abroad and to do there her researches.